Forgotten Password Recovery Tool

This tool is for users who have forgotten their Smith network password and have already chosen their four challenge questions.

If you have forgotten your network password but have not chosen your challenge questions, you will be unable to proceed. Please call the User Support Center at 413-585-4487 for assistance.

Go to the forgotten password recovery utility

Please read the instructions below if you have not used this tool before.

On the screens that follow:

  1. On the Verification screen, enter the string of characters (including punctuation marks) you see in the grey box, then click Verify.

    If the letters you see are too hard to interpret, click the top blue button to display a different phrase.

  2. On the Forgotten Password screen, enter your Smith network username and click Search.

  3. On the next screen, enter the answers to your two challenge questions, then click Check Responses. (The system will randomly pick two of your four questions.)

  4. On the Change Password screen, enter and re-enter a new strong network password, then click Change Password.

  5. On the Success screen, click Continue.

  6. On the Thank-you page, click Continue.

  7. On the Synchronize Google Apps Password screen, enter your network username and your new network password to set your Smith Mail password to match, then click Continue.

  8. Click Continue to complete the process and log out of the tool.
Go to the forgotten password recovery utility